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Promoting Democratic Values in the Enlarging Europe:The Changing Role of the Baltic States from Importers to Exporters
2005-10-29 22:00

University of Tartu, Estonia,
invites you to participate in the international scientific conference:

Promoting Democratic Values in the Enlarging Europe:

The Changing Role of the Baltic States from Importers to Exporters 


Venue and Date: Tartu, May 5-6, 2006


Discussion Issues

After the end of the Cold War the CEE countries embarked on a course of comprehensive reforms that were necessary to make the transition to a market economy and a liberal democracy. At the same time European integration processes have proven themselves to be a consolidator of democratic processes. Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania had to import the values and institutional mechanisms to bring democracy into their respective countries. Successful implementation of European democratic principles has placed the Baltic states as examples for other nations who are also seeking democratic transitions and integration with Europe.


The objective of the conference is to facilitate the learning of transition process, using the experience gained in Estonia and the other Baltic states. Emphasis will be on empirically orientated research, but applied theoretical approach is also welcome.


Call for Papers:


Papers are expected in the line of the four conference panels:

  • Exporting democratic values into Baltic countries: papers about the external influence on the democratic transition in the Baltic states as well as EU’s role in democracy building in these countries;

  • Internalisation and consolidation of exported values: papers about the impact of foreign-guided democratisation principles upon nation building, emphasizing on experience gained by the three Baltic countries;

  • Transforming from democracy importer to its exporter – papers defining the role, the capability and interests of Baltic states as members of the EU vis-à-vis their status as former Soviet republics in the democratisation of the NIS;

  • Expectations and needs in the target countries – papers about the views of the target countries (NIS) toward both foreign-guided democratisation processes and the help the NIS countries expect to receive from the foreign countries.

Papers will be selected on the basis of abstract of 500 to 750 words. Preferences will be given to papers by young scientists. Abstracts have to include author’s current position and contact details (e-mail, phone). Accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings (both hard copy and electronic version). Organisers will cover travel and accommodation for presenters of the papers.


Deadline for Abstracts: November 15, 2005

Notification of Acceptance: December 1, 2005

Full Paper Submission: March 15, 2006


Please submit abstracts and papers electronically to the following address: heiko.paabo@ut.ee


Paul Alan Goble
Project Leader
Heiko Pääbo
Project Coordinator

More information: http://ec.ut.ee/conf06/callforpapers.html

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